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We’ve all searched Google for a local service and seen a map appear with local businesses on it. If you’re a business owner, you’re probably wondering how you can get your business to appear there, instead of your rival’s. With Google Places, you can! 

At Greaves Design, we are experts in helping to boost the profile and visibility of your business on Google, and Google Places is one of the first steps in our strategy.

People searching the web for a product or service rely heavily on search engines like Google, and so it’s vital to get your website listed in this way if you want to increase enquiries and sales. With as many as one in five web searches focusing on a particular locality, using Google Places is a great way to ensure you appear in local search results.

We can get your business listed on Google Places either as a standalone piece of work, or as part of a wider digital strategy which also encompasses other channels. 

Why is Google Places useful?

The biggest reason for getting a Google Place page is search. Both on computers and on mobile browsers Google puts emphasis on Places pages in its localised search results. By not having a Google Places page, you’re hurting your chances of being on the first page of search results. Google Places adds particular value to businesses that serve local customer.

What’s more, a red pin that shows the business’s location on a corresponding map also accompanies all Google Places pages that are shown in search results. Having a geographical presence on search engines is proving increasingly popular and beneficial for both sales and traffic alike.